Saturday, April 24, 2021

Fake News

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Fake news is all around us, but now it's descending to even lower depths and into Bird sighting, bird news, and photos.  It's such a shame that an individual feels the need to do this, and sink so low, also steal photos from the web to falsely corroborate and confirm their fake sightings.

This individual must feel a need to be the top birder, top dog etc at any cost or lose face.

 There's another element to this,  I've met several birders who have spent many hours looking / search/travelled for the claimed bird sightings The web site in question has used fake photos, many times, to support the claims of fake news and still does,

 It is so easy to check for the origins of the photographs, using the right software.

This is the latest bit of fake bird news a Trumpeter Finch allegedly photographed at Montnegra.

Trumpeter Finch
Morroco April 2010
Photographer Michel Carre

 So how can this be, claimed to be photographed a Montnegra, Alicante, this week on the 19th of April?

The fact the original photo is from Morocco in 2010 and used to corroborate the fake sighting at Montnegra.

Here is the link to the web site where the original image was stolen from, click the link below


I've not named the person or web site involved to save them the embarrassment ( but perhaps I should of ) and labelled him a Stringer and lose any credibility as a tour guide they still have?

(The term stringer usually denotes people who intentionally mislead and falsify bird sightings, as opposed to well-intentioned mistakes made from lack of field experience.)

hopefully, this will put an end to the fake sighting and stop the steal of images from the web. 

At least the fog has cleared

And with over almost 40 thousand hits on Birding Costa Blanca

 The news will get out and the truth will rule.

There are no versions of the truth and we are watching you

Happy days

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