Sunday, March 22

Has Boris Johnson got it Wrong for UK

Day 10
I feel safer here in Spain than UK

Good morning everyone


I'm getting fed up with the UK's Dither and Delay
It is unbelievable,  to watch the UK Sleepwalking into the biggest crisis ever.  I don't understand the UK's stance of voluntary distancing it is clearly not working.  What the UK government needs to do is lockdown and do it now.  Boris Johnson, the UK government and advisors should have implemented a nationwide lockdown quite a few days ago.
The Dither and Delay is Unbelievable.

Mothers Day
Que For Snowdonia 

Watching the TV, I keep asking my self why oh why there's no proper lockdown.
It' will cost lives?

More Dither and Delay

Boris, you've got it Wrong your to hesitant 
Get a grip! Your dreams of being another Winston Churchill has gone up in smoke.

Richmond park yesterday

 Dithering will cost lives.  It might well come back and bite Borris in the Ass, it may even cost him his job? For the Dither and Delay.

So common sense should be applied
Although common sense is not that common
Lockdown now

And @ Alicante Airport click the link below

 Support For the Spanish Health Service Alicante Airport Spain


Friday, March 20

If Your Going Through Hell Keep Going

Day 7

The shocking centre of the COVID 19 Crisis

I've not been far today just a trip to the bins, I was a bit shocked by the above filming but also from the comments of Reporter and the Doctors,
What the reporter said, was that all you can hear is the sound of ambulance sirens all day and night taking people to the hospital!

Here's a Facebook link from last night of police and others from Madrid showing support for the hospital workers.

Click and the link below into you browser to view 

 UK Now's followed the rest of Europe in shutting down and not before time, Boris Johnson should have done it a week ago?
Have fun

Thursday, March 19

Bill Gate predicted this pandemic in 2015

Day 6

Interesting prediction 

Bill Gates

Wednesday, March 18

Recession Looms Day 5


Last night the Army moved in, the local police are stopping cars and fine them if more the one person is on board without good cause!
And if I am reading the signals right we are heading headfirst for the worst economic world recession we ever had. At our local Lide supermarket they are not taking coins and paper money as payment? This might be gossip but it did come from a mate.

British Tourist have been order to return to the UK by March 24th.
There's some gossip the our lockdown may continue for longer than the initial  15 Day period??

Funny video above press play to view

Have fun
Cheers BT

Tuesday, March 17

Tuesday day 4 lockdown

Day 4 lockdown

Well only day 4 and confined to barracks, trying to keep busy and doing all those shity little jobs that I've kept postponing to do for ages,  I've sneaked out to check the pools and gardens that I look after for my clients. Not seen anybody on my rounds. It's completely dead of people.
but mindful of the police are going around and hand out fines, yesterday 199 people fined for not being out with good cause! There's no panic buying after the initial surge and people are now acting responsibly, plenty of food in the Supermarket.

It looks very likely were in for the long haul. 
I think I can do 15 days no problem and keep busy for that amount of time, but  to fill up for another 15 days might be a problem, which there predicting or longer might be a problem 

I thought back over the New year that the images of all those Chinese JCB preparing to build Hospitals in 7 seven day it was only going to get worse 
But I never though it would come this bad to Spain, Italy, and UK

And here we are only 3 / 4 months since first outbreak
In big trouble

No birds to report
Cheers Bryan 

Monday, March 16

Lock Down

Lock Down
Well, I made it back to Spain on Saturday. The Rugby was cancelled, why oh why didn't WRU  cancel some days before???

 All the Scotts had already travelled to Cardiff???  Bus's had already arrived Full of our Celtic Mates. The Bar, Pubs and Hotels in Cardiff were full with the welsh and Scotts fans enjoying themselves.  So what did it achieve Cancelling the game as all the supporters were in Cardiff anyway.
 Up Any way.   
A Right Cock up.
Thanks, WRU.

  Since the lockdown in Spain, nobody's able to get in or out, more or less you can't go anywhere, just to the Supermarkets, walk the dog, (I don't have one) go to the Rubbish bins. Or Doctors or Farmacia.

GRAN ALACANT  is like a ghost town and with everything shut down.   The police are enforcing strict movement ( and are handing out fines for people not obeying the rules ) It looks like no birding for months, except for what I hear or flies over's close to my casa.

Latest news it looks it could be August before it levels out? Oh my God, ITS now the UK's TURN TO BE LOCKDOWN. GET PREPARED it's not nice, Italy is in the front line and they have been warning of what's to come for us in Spain and. the UK.
With 250.000 UK Deaths Predicted, IT getting Scary.