Monday, November 05, 2018

Robins for the pot

Italy: Robins for the pot

Police seize more than 1000 plucked birds (19.10.2018)

Mmmm yum yum 1000 Robins ready for the pot

The Italian forest police (Carabinieri) have unveiled a bird trapper in possession of over 1,000 (mostly) robins in Brescia, Northern Italy. CABS members initiated the case after finding and reporting a site with illegal nets. Police caught the trapper red-handed and a search warrant was subsequently conducted at the trappers’ home address, where the grisly discovery was made. These protected birds are coveted delicacies and were intended for sale in restaurants, where they are served behind closed doors to personally known guests. In Italy, the trapping and selling of songbirds has been banned for a long time now, with the black-market restaurants facing especially high penalties. But because the birds are not on any menu, restaurant owners are rarely caught. This conviction marks poacher no.30 of the current CABS Bird Protection Camp in Brescia

Fancy a plate of robins for your Christmas dinner a few roast potatoes a glass of wine or two a little jus. 

There's some very sick people around.

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