Wednesday, April 03, 2019

The Plain's of Bonete, lagunas de Petrola. Higuerurela.

This morning Trevor set out at 7 o'clock 1 hour and half later arrived at Bonete on route we chatted about the Brexit mess, and how the Torys change side when it suits them.

On route we decided which route we would take to go birding and so we done the complete opposite on what was agreed, just like the Conservatives.

 Calendar Lark
We left Bonete and headed to Higueruela, Calendar Larks popped up here and there, while photographing a Calendar Lark, Trevor spotted a group of 13 Little  Bustards  drop in to a field, we got a little closer and we watch them as they popped there heads up and down in the long grass.

Little Bustard 
I looked across into different field and there was another 12 Little Bustard including 2 males showing
 well in the telescope in the distance was a Great Bustard strutting around like he owned the place. Corn Bunting were plenty and a few Northern Wheatear, and Stone Curlew. Surprise of the day was 3 Gull billed Terns, which were very active and mobile.

 Great Bustard
We started to head for Petrola but detoured  to Laguna del Salobrjo where there was plenty of duck, Red Crested Pochard, White Headed Duck, Common Pochard,  Shell Duck, Black necked Grebe etc.
Best moment of the day was watching the Marsh Harriers displaying! definitely a WertherS moment if your in this area it worth the effort to see it.

Marsh Harriers


 Heading back towards Corral Rubio a few more Great Bustards,

Even after the resent heavy rain all of the seasonal lakes are still empty and dried up with the exception of these 3  Petrola lake, Laguna del Salobrjo,  Montealegre de Castillo,  and at this lake was more or less the same Duck as the Laguna del Salobrjo with Gadwall also being present.


 And the only waders seen were 2 Greenshank and 3 Redshank, 6 Lapwings, a fly over of of a Black Kite ended the day nicely

Black Kite with kill

Great to be out with Trevor
Till the next time
Good birding

Quick update 6 Night Herons at the Clot de Galvany
This evening

Cheers Bryan

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