Sunday, March 22, 2020

Has Boris Johnson got it Wrong for UK

Day 10
I feel safer here in Spain than UK

Good morning everyone


I'm getting fed up with the UK's Dither and Delay
It is unbelievable,  to watch the UK Sleepwalking into the biggest crisis ever.  I don't understand the UK's stance of voluntary distancing it is clearly not working.  What the UK government needs to do is lockdown and do it now.  Boris Johnson, the UK government and advisors should have implemented a nationwide lockdown quite a few days ago.
The Dither and Delay is Unbelievable.

Mothers Day
Que For Snowdonia 

Watching the TV, I keep asking my self why oh why there's no proper lockdown.
It' will cost lives?

More Dither and Delay

Boris, you've got it Wrong your to hesitant 
Get a grip! Your dreams of being another Winston Churchill has gone up in smoke.

Richmond park yesterday

 Dithering will cost lives.  It might well come back and bite Borris in the Ass, it may even cost him his job? For the Dither and Delay.

So common sense should be applied
Although common sense is not that common
Lockdown now

And @ Alicante Airport click the link below

 Support For the Spanish Health Service Alicante Airport Spain


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