Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Tuesday day 4 lockdown

Day 4 lockdown

Well only day 4 and confined to barracks, trying to keep busy and doing all those shity little jobs that I've kept postponing to do for ages,  I've sneaked out to check the pools and gardens that I look after for my clients. Not seen anybody on my rounds. It's completely dead of people.
but mindful of the police are going around and hand out fines, yesterday 199 people fined for not being out with good cause! There's no panic buying after the initial surge and people are now acting responsibly, plenty of food in the Supermarket.

It looks very likely were in for the long haul. 
I think I can do 15 days no problem and keep busy for that amount of time, but  to fill up for another 15 days might be a problem, which there predicting or longer might be a problem 

I thought back over the New year that the images of all those Chinese JCB preparing to build Hospitals in 7 seven day it was only going to get worse 
But I never though it would come this bad to Spain, Italy, and UK

And here we are only 3 / 4 months since first outbreak
In big trouble

No birds to report
Cheers Bryan 

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