Tuesday, December 01, 2020

Deja Vu

  Ever had a feeling you've been here before

Deja Vu 

San Felipe 30th November

With thoughts that San Felipe could turn up a good Bird.  John, Michelle, and I decided to revisit and give it another go.  It was cold first thing and only 8 degrees and a clear sky.  A Black Wheathear showed as we left GA.

As we drove along I broke the news to John ever so gently, there wasn't a slab of fruit cake for 1st Breakfast, he wasn't happy! 

 A Hoopoe showed at the entrance of San Felipe and a Buzzard perch up in a distant dead tree. The water levels had dropped further and with lots more gloopy mud being exposed. There were more or less the same waders were on show, but lots more in numbers,  It seems the news had got out that there's lashing of mud at San Felipe ( see my previous blog for birds seen )  We had some great views today as there were some very obliging birds.


There was two new Bird on today's list that was absent from last weeks visits a Temminck's Stint,  showed well for a while before moving further out on the mud.

 Temminck's Stint

 Temminck's Stint

And an Osprey which flew over, unfortunately, we didn't notice it till it was too late and was going away,  shame we didn't pick it up earlier.  The Ospery could have been looking for an easy meal of stranded Carp in pools of water left behind.

Volunteer saving Carp

Good numbers of Marsh Harriers, Booted Eagle, and Kestrel. 

 We had a look around at Sante Aguada for Tonn the Great spotted Eagle but no sign of him?

On the pool there 2  Wood Sandpiper, 1 Green Sandpiper and Little-ringed Plover, Bluethroat, Waterpipt,

Ad Male Bluethroat

Juv Bluethoat

We did come across a flooded field full of Glossy Ibis and Cattle Egret also there 4 Wood Sandpipers.

Wood Sandpiper

 Sardinian Warbler

At some point we'll try Sante Aguada again and hopefully, it will turn up something good?


Stumpy the one legged Ibis
 I've a feeling that Ive seen hop-along before?

Last night Full Beaver Moon

It was almost like daylight with last nights full moon. I bet there was some bird passage happening.

Have a great day

Cheers BT


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