Tuesday, February 16, 2021

El Pinet

Good morning 

Today we visited El Pinet and searched for Eric the Terick Sandpiper, I had a bet with Michelle, I said  I'd strip off and run around naked if we got to see the bird?   I was pretty sure I was on a safe bet and we wouldn't see Eric? And Michelle was praying it wasn't there as well.

We spent 4 hours around the El Pinet area and Salinas scoping every bird that was identifiable even the distant blobs.

Some other birds seen over n332 nice full summer plumage Mediteranean Gulls, Audouin’s Gulls looking very smart, Kentish Plover, the usual canteen of Spoonbill, at the standing stones. All the usual suspects there.

And at El Pinet

About 15 + Black-tailed Godwit, a few Ruff,  lots and lots of Dunlin (150+) little Stint, Redshank and Greenshank, Avocet about 100, Little Egret with summer plumes.

 Star bird of the day which walked right in front of us giving absolutely stunning views of a rather shy and nervous bird that often heard but seldom seen 

it was like it was on stage giving a performance well done Michelle for calling it.  The Werther's creamy caramel came out, it was a moment.

Water Rail

Water Rail

And despite the predicted no show of Eric the Terick Sandpiper it was a rather nice morning out and a possible new member of the NBBC ( No Bins Bird Club )

Gareth a fellow welsh man and Swansea city supporter ( we won't hold that against him ) we'll be in touch.

Have a great week everybody

Black Wheatear

The Black Wheatear is still displaying around my house

Our 1st bird of the day

Some of you may of notice that I've now had to reluctantly include a watermark on my images, it's because my images keep turning up on web site/ blogs publications and newspapers etc. 

I've really not got a problem with anybody using any of my photos, a credit would be nice. it's also a bit of compliment, that they steal, because they can't actually achieve it for themselves and so that quite a nice feeling, copying is the ultimate form of flattery,  What's really pissing me off is that some web site's embellishes there blogs/web site's and publication with images that's clearly not there own. And use it to Promote themselves and their web site with images which is not achievable for them in the real world.  So they steel, That's not right. It's lying

And it's so easy to check out the Guff,  just Google the image, 

it don't take much to see the bluff

Stop the steal

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