Wednesday, March 03, 2021

Duck Central El Clot

A visit El Clot With Gareth, John, and myself we had a nice morning birding it was cloudy with a cold wind most of the quacker had there head under wings but we managed to pick out a few of the more interesting quack's 2 Fudge Duck's about 10+ Widgeon, In amongst the plentiful Ducks.  Lots of Hirundines still present and plenty of Grag Martin up there in the mix.  1st Kingfisher at the Clots for a few weeks. There a new arrival a, very smart male Marsh Harrier, and with 4 females to chose from maybe they'll breed? There was an interesting Gull which after I checked it was only a second winter yellow-legged Gull.

The work continues to go on at the old Reed hide which now doesn't have any reeds and is now a rather large deep hole in the ground.

We moved to the popular hide where there is lots of Marbled Duck there, but not much else different.

On to urbanova salt pans, I still feel this place had potential, but today just a few waders, Ringed Plover, Kentish Plover and Dunlin, Grey Wagtail, Water pipit.

And now the lockdown is starting to ease we might start looking further afield can't come too soon for me there only so much you can say about the Clot and the quackers present.

Update John spotted a Garagany but waited to check the ID guides before confirming later.

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