Saturday, March 13, 2021

One year on since lock down

Well, here we all are one year on since the Covid 19  and our Spanish lockdown. So what changed. Well, nothing really the Virus hasn't gone anywhere. We do now have a vaccine but God knows when it will be available,  we're miles behind the UK. so I  guess it more of the same not mixing outside your bubble and being careful.  I can't see many tourists being allowed to visit Spain shortly. And the covid tests cost @€100 per test each way, even if you've had the jab, hopefully, I'm wrong about that, it's been a tough time for everybody but especially the entertainment industry and the bars and restaurants they could do with a few holidaymakers.

Birding  2020 was difficult, as we were not allowed out for anything except supermarket, doctors and rubbish bin, we missed the best part of the spring migration last year due to restrictions, and we the NBBC are so looking forward to going to other sites this year And seeing/ finding a few different birds.

I've copied my blog from this day last year 

Saturday 13th March 2020

 Lock Down

Well, I made it back to Spain on Saturday, by the skin of my teeth before they shut the border.  The Rugby was cancelled, why oh why didn't WRU  cancel some days before???

 All the Scotts had already travelled to Cardiff???  Bus's had already arrived Full of our Celtic Mates. The Bar, Pubs and Hotels in Cardiff were full with the welsh and Scotts fans enjoying themselves.  So what did it achieve Cancelling the game?  well it probably saved lives,  the game should have been cancelled days and days before and stop everybody travelling too Cardiff
A Right Cock up.
Good job, WRU.

  Since the lockdown started in Spain, nobody's able to get in or out of our province more or less you can't go anywhere, just to the Supermarkets, walk the dog, (I don't have one) or go to the Rubbish bins, Doctors or Farmacia.

GRAN ALACANT  is like a ghost town and everything is shut down.   The police are enforcing strict movement ( and are handing out fines for people not obeying the rules ) It looks like no birding for months, except for what I hear or flies over's close to my casa.

The latest news, it looks it could be August before it levels out? ITS now the UK's TURN TO BE LOCKDOWN. GET PREPARED it's not nice, Italy is on the front line and they have been warning of what's to come for us in Spain and the UK.
With 200.000 UK Deaths Predicted, IT getting Scary.

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