Wednesday, March 17, 2021


I said to Gareth some days ago we'd smash it sooner or later? 

( Birding that is ) and today we did just that.

I've booked a dental appointment as soon as I got back home,  more or less to be on the side of caution as think my teeth might be starting to decay.

Because today I must have sucked my way through at least half a packet of Werther's Original caramel moments in a celebration of our birding moments throughout the day.

The plan, to visit the valley of Montnegra and Maigmo Mountian and see just what's going on there.


Slowish start with Rock Sparrow, Chough, Blue rock Thrush, Southern Grey Shrike, the odd Swallow,  Crag Martin, and Black Cap, heard only Black-eared Wheatear?

First breakfast was calling, so we headed for the Trumpeter Finch site and slab of Lemon Drizzle cake and a cupper. I thought it might be a bit too early for the Trumpets (maybe they've not arrived yet?) and from over the rock face came to a stunning Bonelli's Eagle it came right over us, I watch it and then cursed as I should have been taking photos as glided over our heads, anyway I didn't get any photos, but seconds later I flushed 2 Trumpeter Finches which sneaked in while we watched the Bonellis Eagle, I cursed some more.


You couldn't write it, could you? 2 good birds in as many minutes and not one photo.

John managed to get on the 2 Trumpets, as the flew away to the far side of the valley, I was starting to question my self as it was only a quick glimpse, but I did hear the call. So we waited and it wasn't long,  sure enough, 3 birds dropped in 1 male 2 female, Magic and out came the sweets again.  Ta-dar Happy days!

Trumpeter Finch

Female Trumpeter Finch
or none breeding male

Further up the track John and I heard a Great-spotted Cuckoo, not content with one bird Gareth spotted a second, "brilliant" as they chased each other around the pines.  I was getting a bit fed up with these sweets by now, my 5th of the day so far.  Another Blue rock Thrush on the roofs in the village of Montnegra. A pair of Dartford Warbler performed well, they can be a difficult bird sometimes they just don't show well,  but not this pair, out pop the bag of sweets again.

And to finish off our visit Montnegra  8 Griffon Vultures.

Happy so far with how the day progressing and a few lifers for Gareth can't be bad.


It was now about 1 o'clock which meant we'd spent 4 hours in the valley.  Our first birds for Maigmo  Song Thrush, Chaffinch, Sardinian Warbler, followed by Coal Tit, Crested Tit, Great Tit, Long-tailed Tit, Short-toed Treecreeper, heard only Crossbill,

Crested Tit

Star Bird for Maigmo was Woodlark and what a performer this little bird turned out to be, larking about with us, perching up in tree to tree, an absolute stunner and another celebration sweet, and another new bird for Gareth.




 2nd breakfast at the top with welsh cakes and probable Golden Eagle it was a long way off but couldn't make it into anything else.

A mega days birding and with the welsh cakes Gareth brought along it was bliss, and good to see some different birds.

I've not mention ever bird seen but to days species total. 40

More rain tomorrow yippee

Have a great day

Cheers Bryan

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