Sunday, March 14, 2021

Very funny clip fermented fish

Good morning

I found this on Facebook

It's about the fermented fish challenge for those who don't know about this, we would use gallons and gallons of this stuff, purified fish called chum to entice the seabirds to the boat, the sea birds love it.  It's now been renamed as fermented fish? Probably the worst smell that's ever had the pleasure to go up my nostrils,  as soon as the lids came off the 25-litre containers it would start to make a few people on board the boat sick, and with the added motion of the boat it all most guaranteed people would be throwing up.

For me, I hated the smell and made me feel very queasy, but it does bring the sea birds to the Boat my old friend and Skipper of the MV Sapphire wouldn't think twice about using it

But anyway it's a funny clip

It really is the worst smell ever

Click the link below

Fermented fish (Chum)

Have a good  one

Cheers Bryan

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