Thursday, April 29, 2021

El Clásico

Wednesday 28th

We mostly have good birding days, we put in the time and considerable effort, but every now and then we earn EL Clásico

John and Michelle, Gareth, and myself

The four Amigos went Birding.

And today was one of them, Clásico we started early at El Recórral Night and Squacco Heron showed well, a common cuckoo was calling and they were often heard during the day, also seen our first Woodchat Shrike of the day.

Night Heron

On to Benejuzar not too far away.
I like this place as it offers easy birding by just rolling along the track and good photo opportunity's 

On arrival.

First breakfast and Nightingales were singing everywhere, difficult to estimate, but they're lots and a few very showy individuals, Cettis Warbler, Reed Warbler, along the river bank. Overhead Bee-eaters.  The sound of European Cuckoo was constant with the odd fly past.



Melodious Warbler

A Melodious Warbler put on a show as it flitted from tree to tree this was another classic moment, the sweets came out, several Melodious were seen or heard this morning.

Melodious Warbler
There were yellow flower all around this bird giving an unusual green / yellow colour cast

Golden Oriole was singing and we have probably seen 8 + in total either in flight or perched up, it's not unusual to connect with Golden Oriole around there, on. Turtle Doves we're common. 6 + Woodchat shrike seen today.

Bad photo of a good Bird

John and Michelle had to leave for an appointment 

Turtle Dove

Gareth and I carried on through San Felipe and eventually ending at the back of La Marina, we stopped for a singing Corn Bunting on top of some reeds, and then we heard a Qual calling, Gareth then said what do you think this is?
It was over a field away and no scope between us, well I said it's either a common Redstart or Whinchat, So I walked the field as it turned out it was whinchat and what a beauty it was, these birds are a little bit of a scarcity 
   as we don't see many coming through.

another bad photo of a good Bird
I must try harder.

A Monitor Lizard cross our path and was very well marked I was wondering if these lizards have breeding colours as it was so well marked, it was big,  we finished off with a brace of European Rollers.

European Roller

I've not mentioned every bird, as it's a big list
El Clásico

Monitor Lizard?

Enjoy your birding and have some fun

Cheers Bryan

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