Thursday, December 02, 2021

Feliz Navidad

Tuesday 30th

Sierra Espuna 

Why do I feel disappointed after we found an Alpine Accentor? As we drove along the Long And Winding Road road ( Good name for a Song ) leading up to the summit, we were gaining height and John was driving slowly and taking time as not to miss anything, and as we passed a rocky outcrop an Alpine Accentor was hopping around on the rock, I had a clear view and knew instantly what it was! And called it, we travelled another 20 meters or so before we stopped and pulled off the narrow track,  we quickly jumped out of the car, but we never connected again with the bird despite a concerted effort. 


I really hate it when we lose a bird, all I want to do is share the bird,  its so important for me to get everybody on the bird, and prove that what is claimed is proven! It's makes me I have major doubt about other claimed? sighting without collaborative proof???  importantly there's never any photos to prove other than some very old fake historical photos!!!! Nicked from other web sites

More Fake news to follow

Alpine Accentor
 from the Pyrenees 2017

After a very early start to get to the top of Sierra Espuna, and full of optimism of what we might potentially see?

( Don't build your hopes up? )

It gets worse?

On route to the Ice Caves.

It's a bit of a hike to get there and we were all double insulated against the cold, (I was overheating?)  Having at least two layers of everything on, when a white van passed us by, as we plodded along the snowy and frosty track to the Ice Caves?

I thought nothing of it, and presumed it was a Park Ranger?  half an hour later we arrived at the Ice Caves.

  I said were up Schitt's Creek

      More bad language followed........

 It was like a Masa building site, but much worse with heavy lifting equipment, dumper trucks, a JCB digger, half a dozen vehicles including the white van, major scaffolding all around the ice caves, and Tons of building blocks, all surrounded by a high-security barrier (why)


7 workmen making a substantial noise, (I thought they were singing Heigh-ho, Heigh go it's of to work we go ) A generator and cement mixer chugging away! and radio pumping out Feliz Navidad,  that all I needed to listen to!

You couldn't write it, could you? You just couldn't?

And not a Thrush in sight! and the winterberry, trees / bushes are covered in fruit just waiting to be eaten.

And so this historical site was a washout? If only there was some birding news about this site and the renovations and disruptions?  We could have easily saved about 4 hours of travel time there and back and better spent our time birding elsewhere.

Gutted and Unbelievable

 All was not lost though? We did a Boris /  Cumming's and goings and went to plan B? We did connect with Ring Ouzel, Mistle Thrush, and Fieldfare,  lots of the Titty things and a few Creepers, 2 Golden Eagle and a Peregrine Falcon, Jay, Crossbill, Mouflon, Iberian Grey Squirrel, and Hare, heard only Firecrest?



 Masa building Site

We did head down to Guadalentin very briefly and picked up Spectacled, Dartford, Sardinian Warblers, but time was against us so we headed off home.

And so if you thought it's a good idea to visit the ice caves for the Winter Thrushes don't bother, try next winter of 2022-2023 when the renovations will be completed? for different view on today's birding see John Edwards blog link below

John Edwards

Not mention ever species seen just the more interesting ones

Where next?

Have a fun day



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