Friday, December 17, 2021

Sub Ad Great Spotted Eagle

It's with regret is didn't lug the 12 + kilos of lens & camera down the track?

I'd mention on route to John, I've got a good idea where we should start looking for Spotted Eagle and the Common Cranes?

It was quiet as a graveyard hardly any birds flying,  No traffic? small birds keeping low and temperature at only 12 degrees. It felt colder in the brisk wind, and with the exception of European Starlings in their thousands and Crag Martin, there was very little else.

We arrived at the place, i'd thought would be as good as any to start the search?

And so as first breakfast was brewing, and thick slab of lemon drizzle was waiting, and I wander off down a track, but after 200mt or so I stopped!

A large raptor was perched in a dead open tree? It was a long way off.

I sort of guess what it was? It was big.

I Tracked back to John, first breakfast was put on hold, we grabbed the scope and quickly set off. Its the first time in a very long time for John to get a tramp on?

We work our way back down the track with john's Swarovski Telescope, and got closer and then closer, but still a bit distant but excellent views in the scope, we had great views no doubt it was a Sub Adult Spotted Eagle. Although it was back on to us for all the time it was perched up, we took turns viewing through the scope, we could easily see all the features needed to confirm the ID and even the pale patch in the mantle.

A Major Result

(Well for us anyway)

And now the search for Common Crane, 

 lucky for us being in the right place right time, 10 birds flew towards us over our heads and away!

1st flypast

 they flew a long way away and almost landed? But amazingly they turned around and headed back towards us

On their way back

 and eventually came right overhead yet again, we could hear the sound of their wing beats and the wind passing through them.  A moment to remember,  cronking as they went on their way as they struggled against the strong headwind.

It reminded me of a similar moment in time, with Trevor at Monfrag├╝e with Griffon Vulture that was forever Magic.

Getting closer

Closer still?

Above us


I love it when a plan comes together.

Sorry about the photos there just crap. In my excitement,  I forgot to change the exposure setting, again operator error,  sometimes there very little or no time to react but just hope and press, must try harder?


Not a big bird list, Who Cares!!!! We see what we see 100 percent.  A few other raptors and waders were also seen

See John Edwards blog for a different view on today's events link below

John Edwards 

Have fun if you can 

Get jabbed

Cheers Bryan

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