Tuesday, January 04, 2022

Photograph Review 2021


As promised my Gallery of photographs taken in 2021. Not a complete list,  Some photographs I've not published before ( mostly I keep the best back ) I've not included the date that the image was taken, but will include spring/summer/autumn etc and where it was taken.

True love 
I love this photograph 
 I  believe it's the only ever photo of true love between Trumpeter Finch

No Bins Bird Club 

We've had some Brilliant Birding days during 2021.  Spring was so very special again, of course, we had our Flip Flops days during the year, but gladly they were few and far between.

I've lost count of how many Werther's moments that we've shared in 2021? And we're eager to get Birding again in 2022 fresh on our success with the resent  G S Eagle.

 There was a point I thought?

I was getting good at it  (Rare Bird Photography) I was up there with the best ( it was a healthy league of legends to be in with ) 

 Steve Young, George Reszseter, Mike McDonald, Tony Collinson, Jack Levine, and the rest of the greats, forgive me if your name is not listed etc)

  I  realised now the camera and lens is just a tool. In the words of my friend Hadoram Shirihai, (it is just a tool to help the research and increase our knowledge )

Enjoy the photographs

Great-crested Grebe. Clot De Galvany.

Firecrest. Maigmo Mountain. Summer.

Moustached Warbler. Lo Monte. Spring.

Major Thanks to my birding Buddies.

Sardinian Warbler. Me Casa. Spring.

John Edwards, Garth Davies, Trevor Asley, Mark Etheridge, Malcolm Palmer.

Black-eared Wheatear. Montnegra. Spring.

Spectacled Warbler. Montnegra. Spring.

Dartford Warbler. Jijona. Spring.

Bluethroat. San Felipe. Winter.

Lapwing. Petrola. Summer.

Trumpeter Finch. Montnegre Spring.

Spotted Redshank. El Pinet. Winter.

The Moon? Up there.

Black Redstart.  Santa Agueda.  Winter.

Bee-eater.  Montnegre. Autumn.

White-headed Duck. Clot de Galvany. Spring.

Thekla's Lark. Yecla. Spring.

Tawny Pipit. CV830. Summer.

Temminck's Stint. San Felipe. Winter.

Common Crane. Vistabella Road. Winter.

Stonechat. Urbanonva Salinas. Winter.

Black-bellied Sandgrouse. Guadalentin. Winter.

Black Wheatear me Casa. Autumn.

Wryneck. Clot de Galvany.  Autumn.

Spoonbill. San Felipe. Autumn.

Greater Flamingo. Petrola. Spring.

Little Egret. El Pinet. Winter.

Bee-eater. Sante Agueda. Autumn.

Roller. The Monastery. Spring.

Redshank. Petrola. Spring.

Great spotted Cuckoo. La Marina. Spring.

Bonelli's Warbler. Higuerilla. Spring.

Rock Bunting. Maigno Mountain. Spring.

Melodious Warbler.  Benejuzar. Spring.

Woodchat Shrike. Palm Farm Road. Spring.

White-headed Duck. Spring. Clot de Galvany.

Woodlark Maigmo Mountian. Spring.

Nightingale. Benejuzar. Spring.

Sardinian Warbler. me Casa. Spring.

Little Owl. Catral.  Summer.

Water Rail. El Pinet. Spring.

This is my favourite image of the year
Jupiter and its Moons and Saturn and its Rings
It's so far away I am amazed I've even got an image.

Trumpeter Finch Montnegra. Spring.

Little Bittern. Clot de Galvany.

have a great day



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