Saturday, January 15, 2022

The last pandemic a look back n time

Photos from the last pandemic in 1918

Looks uncannily like this pandemic, but these are from another time.

 At this moment there seems there are a few exceptions to the rules though?

when is a party not a party, it's just not acceptable to behave this way, after what we have all sacrificed to stay safe and protect others?

I've not seen any of my family for 2 years. Like him or loath him, the line has been crossed. Boris Jonson and the Conservatives party, is untenable. to be honest, they will have little or no chance in the next general election.

Boris doesn't know his ass from his elbow how did he ever become the leader of the country.

Great idea Let Party!

Just look at our Queen and at the time the country was in mourning

You can see the Queens sadness

I don't normally do politics on my blog but it's an absolute disgrace, the behaviour of our politicians and civil servants.



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