Sunday, February 06, 2022

One Swallow doesn't make a Summer

Friday 4th

Beautiful Day nice and warm and in Tea Shirts and I should of put my shorts on?

And at El  Pinet I glimpse a Barn Swallow feeding over the water, it would be our first migrant of the year, but my claim was watered down as half a dozen Crag Martins  were flying over some pine trees close by? So i chalked it off the list? No big deal as we'll see them plenty of them due course but always nice to see the first one!

But anyway not a mega day but we did have some moment's? Around Santa Pola Salina's,  Great white Egrets.  Good numbers if Widgeon, but nothing out of the ordinary, Med Gulls, Audouin's Gull, Sender billed Gulls, Massive number of Cormorants and all the usual suspects.

Our day brightened up at the Monastery.  A  Blue rock Thrush stood its ground and put up with me taking a few photo's for a minute or two. This could also to be an interesting spot to watch as Little Owls have moved in and also Common Kestrel, so just wait till the European Rollers arrive could be fireworks over the nesting places?

Watch this space?

Little Owl
we can see you! 

 Blue rock Thrush

 Blue rock Thrush

Common Kestrel


Palm farm Road

Was crap 20+ Tree Sparrows Small groups of Meadow Pipits, Green Sandpiper, Linnet, Sky Lark, Blue Throat.

Of interest there were a few puddles along the track and around these puddles were hundreds of Bee's not sure what species of Bee and what they were doing?

Unknown Bee?

Unknown Bees?

We got as far as Santa Aguda

3  Common Snipe, 3 Blue Throat, Blackcaps singing, Fan-tailed Warbler some Booted Eagle and Marsh Harriers, Buzzard, Gloss Ibis.

And that was about it?

I've not mentioned every bird seen or heard

Have a great Day

Cheers Bryan

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