Saturday, April 09, 2022

Bird of the Day end up a Garden Bird

One week on, we thought we'd give Montnegra another go and see if the Trumpeter Finch's had re turned ? There wasn't any sign at the few historical sites that we know of, but there was a mixture of new arrivals?

Black eared Wheatear, Rock Sparrow some female Black Restarts still moving through.

Black Restart

A brief call of Bonnelli's Warbler rattle from a bank of pines? A grey heron gave us a fright as I thought it might of been a Greater Bitten, for a second or two as it followed along the river bed, We tried out our new route 4+ Sub Alpine Warbler's, showed but always difficult and sulking, we gave it our best and also time  quite a few Sardinean Warbler's popped out on our search.

Sub Alpine Warbler

We left GA around 8.30 but not before the resident Black Wheatear (Garden Bird) put on a mega show for us, this bird is always around and displaying this time of the year.

Black Wheatear

Back at Montnegra

Griffons Vultures, Peregrine falcon, Kestrel, Raven briefly at the mountain range.

All the usual suspects about

Black Wheatear

 Green Finch, Gold Finch, Serin, Chiffs, Great Tit, Red legged Partridge and more.

really nice day on the mountains away from, the norm with the chance of finding something good.

A few butterflies, a Skipper,  (unidentified ) A probable 2 Tailed Pasha a, Scares Swallow Tailed, a few small white,

Have a great day

quick update heard my first Bee Eaters yesterday

Cheers Bryan

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