Friday, May 20, 2022

They're Back

Another Mega of Megas.

What a day in the Valley of Montnegra, we just had to go back, some unfinished business. So we started with Black-eared Wheatear then a Spot Fly, Serin's, and a Blue Rock Thrush a few Rock Sparrows, Nightingale's sounding off in the bottom of the Ravine, Red-rumped Swallow overhead. Nice.

 Blue Rock Thrush

First Breakfast. 

A cup of tea and a slab of Lemon Drizzle and we watch and waited, and not so long though, to tell the truth.

Ohh, I forgot to say those nice little Finches with the big thick red bills have returned, only a few at the moment, but they're back!

Trumpeter Finch

I did think on our last visit to Montnegra

  A week or go or so, I heard them but it was a distant call and I wasn't 100 per cent? So I let it go.

 At some point, we'll soon be visiting the other known sites. 

Back to the Trumpets.

And at the very same moment, the Trumpeter Finch's showed well, at a few meters, bugger me an Orphean Warbler popped up. ( well you just couldn't write it could you)

Trumpeter Finch


 Well, we both (john and I ) didn't know where to look. I didn't know where to point the lens this way or that way.

  It was all a bit chaotic and Messy (sod's law) and I fluffed both birds. Brilliant views of both birds, but only a few photographs.

Orphean Warbler 

I've been looking for Orphean Warbler for a while and it's a new bird for my Spanish list. ( Nice to find your own bird and grab a photo ) 

Bonelli's Eagle

A Bonelli's Eagle circled close by. One of the same bird from a week or ago, and after looking at the photo I think it's got a kill in its talons. Rock Bunting and another Spot fly, and at least 2 Subalpine Warblers are seen briefly.  (Why are these birds so difficult to photograph) More Nightingales, and a pair of Common Kestrels.

It was 36 degrees and hot, most birds had headed into the shade, we thought it was a good idea, and we headed home.

Any day you get a tick in the book of life is good, I don't get many these days.

it's never a big list a Montnegra but it's quality that counts.

So today felt good.

Have fun

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