Saturday, September 15, 2018

50 Millions mosquitoes can't be wrong

And so today before dawn.  John and I decide to go to the furthest point and bird our way back, too Gran Alacant and end up at the clot to look for the reported Red-knobbed Coot.  At San Felipe, Now renamed  Mosquito City, well it was at dawn but an hour after sunrise it had cleared, not before we been eaten alive despite repellent, at one moment on Johns back were about 30 mosquitoes all trying to get a piece of him through his jacket, for me, not so lucky ( "No coat" I'd left it in the car) with only a thin Primark Tee shirt on, I was bitten to death, will I ever learn.

 It reminded me of a similar event some years ago with my mate's from Scilly.  Birding legends Higgo and Spider.  Inside a homemade mud hide, up to our knees in mud sludge, in a swamp infested stinking scrape with man-eating mosquitoes, that time it was worth being eaten alive as we were watching a Northen water Thrush.   Unfortunately not today. I miss that rarity buzz we were fortunately very lucky to have it happen frequently.

 Northern water Thrush

San Felipe was ok, but not at the visitor's centre on the main water, it still has a strange cloudy colour and looks toxic but the furthest outer pools have much more bird life, only a month ago it was completely dry and cracked but now it's been re-flooded and there plenty going on. Black-tailed Godwit and Wood Sandpiper  Snipe, Kentish Plover, fly over LRP, Reed Warbler, Cetti's Warbler Red-knobbed Coot, Little Bitten,

as well as all the usual suspects, but no sign of reported Blue Throats despite plenty of looking and listening and being there at the prime time of day for these birds to be showing off ??  To be honest I've had enough of  San Felipe,  the mosquitoes, and humidity and was glad to leave.
On the way back lots of assembles of Bee-eaters lots have already gone and what's left won't be far behind,  Wood Sandpiper, Green Sandpiper, on a small pool on Bella vista road.

 We double back on ourselves took the palm farm route.  Glossy Ibis, Cattle Egret, Marsh Harrier,  20 Lapwing,
Around the back of la Marina Southern Grey Shrike, Stone Curlew, Northern Wheatear,

  a few more Bee-eaters, Kestrel,  and not much else.

spot the bird

 And at El Pinet all quite.  2 Juv Sandwich Tern, Slender-billed Gull's, plenty of Avocets.  Coffee at the beach cafe watching squadrons of Mediterranean Gulls and Black-headed Gulls fly passed.   We decided to give the Clot a miss as we already seen a Red-knobbed Coot earlier.
 The management at San Felipe must be doing something right as the mosquitoes love it and despite my concerns over the iffy looking water quality.  I've read somewhere if the water quality is not right it won't support the insect life and those pain in the ass mosquitoes

Tiger mosquito

 and so 50 million mosquitoes can't be wrong.
 The tally for my bites is 20 plus on my back and legs and face. 
Enjoy the photos
Cheers Bryan


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