Saturday, March 30, 2019

Saladares de Gualalentine

Apologies for this late update
Saladares de Guadalentin
On the 16th of March
Lovely day, clear blue sky,  hoping to see a few migrants and we were not disappointed, nothing mega but nice to catch up with a few birds.  On arrival  we picked up a Spectacled Warbler and over the course of the morning we picked up quite a few in different location. Although very flight and mobile and difficult to photo we managed to get some very good views.

  Our plan was to keep the sun behind us as crisis cross the tracks. We headed for an area that we had see Great spotted Cuckoo in numbers before and  true to form the Great spots were there probably 3 to 4 displaying with there calling and chasing of each other and  one sat up for me.

Great spotted Cuckoo

 Unfortunately I missed the photo of the spring, right in front of me and within a few meter a Great
spot perch up and as I pressed the shutter button it flushed as a Magpie chased it off, nice photo of a tail moving off. very very annoying, which ended up in me cursing every Magpie seen that today.
Others migrants seen Red rumped Swallow, Yellow Wagtail, Green Sandpiper, Common Sandpiper, Lesser Kestrel, Barn Swallow,  50 Common Crane fly over on route close to Guadalentin.  A few  other resident  birds seen Black bellied Sandgrouse, Marsh Harrier, Chough, Tree Sparrow, Stone Curlew, a few Corn  Bunting, Stone Chat, Raven, Kestrel.

 Corn  Bunting
 For a more detailed account of our trip click the link below to visit John Edwards excellent blog.

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