Sunday, April 21, 2019

The Clot de Galvany too Gabo de Gata and Back Again

John and I dropped in the Clot before leaving to go to Gabo de Gata Almeria. on Wednesday the 17th. At the Clot a singing Nightingale, and very nice drake Garganey with a gammy eye.


Garganey the good side

White headed Duck

A sub Adult Night Heron and the usual duck White headed, Red crested, etc.

Night Heron

As we crossed the Santa Pola Salinas close to la Marina a Montague's Harrier passed close by, not able to stop because of traffic, but watched it glide away.

On route to Almeria perched in a dead tree a Black shoulder Kite and on a rock face a Blue Rock Thrush.

Gabo de Gata 

We only returned to Gabo de Gata because of that elusive Trumpeter Finch, which allegedly occurs around the light house? and the surrounding area, and despite a few hours of diligent searching we came up with nothing except a male Black eared Wheatear, getting cheesed off, it felt like déjà vu with no return for a lots of effort, time to see some birds, so we though? let look at the Salinas. I have to say it was very disappointing with only two waders seen a Greenshank, and Avocet, Slender billed Gull, Gull billed Tern, Greater Flamingo, was about the best of it.

to be blunt it was CRAP considering the distance and effort and driving involved. 

Things got better, when Michelle, John wife, found our target birds 2 Trumpeter Finch feeding on a embankment, close to the Salinas and salt works. But it was all a bit brief as the 2 birds flew off without warning and I only managed a record shot,

Trumpeter Finch 

Later on a Woodchat Shrike and Southern grey Shrike, we finish the day getting ripped off in a local bar with 3 bottles of cloudy locally brewed cats piss with washing up liquid, which had more sediment in it that the Mekong delta. 
not nice! 

Peregrine Falcon

I have to say our accommodation at Camino Viejo del Faro, 65 Almadrama was perfect and would recommend it. After a nights sleep John and I were up early and at it, searching for the Trumpets again, also seen Peregrine Falcon, Raven, Black Wheatear, Chiffchaffs, female Back eared Wheatear, Crested Lark,

Crested Lark ?

It was poor at the World End its like the land time forgot, and if not for the Trumpets it would of been yet another wash out, would I go there again?? mmmmm No 

Black Wheatear 

At Los Urritas we looked for the Rose coloured Starling and with only a vague idea of where it had been, we failed. It would have been beneficial to have at least one exact location, GPS. 

To be honest the Clot de Galvany Nature Reserve in Gran Alacant knocks spots of Gabo de Gata in terms of species seen, and our local Santa Pola Salinas takes some beating.

Red crested Pochard

Now if only The Clot had a few Trumpeter Finch?

This photo from Gran Canaria 

Cheers Bryan 


Finale Comment 
As we headed home, rain was forecast, but little did i know how much, 3 days now! none stop torrential rain rain rain and more rain, if you didn't believe in climate change you should NOW! 
The thing is we need the Rain as there been very little or nothing since November 2018 

UK baking in high temps and extreme weather here. 
I fear for the younger generation as they will have to try and sort out the mess 
Please see 
David Attenborough 
Climate Change The Facts 

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