Thursday, May 09, 2019

Isles of Scilly

No Spanish birding this week as Ive returned to the Isles of Scilly for a Birthday Party, and a catch up with my birding friends and mates there. Arriving at the end of the 30th Annual World championships Gig weekend,  St Mary's was full of Gig rowing crew, members, and supporters, its a great event and a crazy time for the Islands with a 170 gigs  competing in the Championships title. if you've  never been there its one for your life list to do its amazing/


Not seen any rare migrant birds strong north westerly winds which bring nothing,  but nice to see the common birds around the Islands  some of which are below.

Razor Bill



Oyster Catcher

lots of these tiny Wrens sitting up everywhere and Dunnock's



good number of Gannet fishing between St Marys and St Agnes in the tidal currant.

Greater black Back Gull
great place if your a birder check it out
Cheers Bryan

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