Monday, June 17, 2019

The 3 Amigos Go to Yecla

Friday the 16th  the 3 Amigos John, Mark, and myself, set of for Yecla, arrive just after 8 o'clock, to a dark, almost black overcast sky and threatening a heavy downpour, first stop a cup of tea and a listen, I heard a Qual start singing and then nothing more, a Common Buzzard calling and circling in the distance, the first of many Wood chat Shrike.  A few Back eared wheatears along the track, with Rock Sparrows and Tree Sparrows.

Tree Sparrow

  Mark spotted a Booted Eagle  which was seen on and off for most of the day,
we did, however, have 2 other large Eagles which we fail to I'd positively but my guess one was probably a Golden Eagle.

Short-toed Lark

  Plenty of Short-toed Larks and Calandra Larks, in different locations, and only one Thekla's Lark,  also a few little Owls.  The Bee-eaters colony is very active, but not easy to get any photographs,  we had 3 Black-bellied Sandgrouse which didn't hang around,  and we heard 2/3 Golden Oriole.  A few Lesser Kestrels, hunting over the fields and that was about the best it.

little Owl
The birding was OK but not many opportunity's for photography  but we did have a good laugh and a  joke, plenty of football banter, and the totally unbelievable  Boris Johnson and the cocaine taker Michael Gove and the Brexit mess
It was almost better than birding you got to laugh, 

Have a nice day

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