Wednesday, June 19, 2019

No Bins Birders Club

A rather hilarious expedition along the lighthouse road yesterday evening for the founder members of the NBBC - the No Bins Birders Club (we both forgot to bring our binoculars). We missed our first Nightjar flypast due to looking at the shots on the back of our cameras of a distant Woodpecker, but as it grew darker another three flypast, given us the chance to try out some very high ISO shots with the results you see here.

Red Necked Nightjar

 Red Necked Nightjar

 Going back towards the N332 we found three Nightjars sitting in the road, unfortunately at the exact moment that another car was approaching, so we missed those, but a decision to turn round and go back was rewarded by a single bird at the side of the road. It was on Bryan's side of the car, so he took this ground shot using my camera, and we are now in legal discussions over who owns the copyright!

 Red Necked Nightjar

Funniest moment of the evening was when I asked Mark to turn the car engine off, as he was a little tremor coming from the car engine, and as I was taking the photo, he turned the key too far, and the headlights went off...... and then there was and nothing just black.....  I fell about laughing. I couldn't believe it?   where's it gone  I said....... unbelievable!....... more laughing good job we don't take it to serious?

 Red Necked Nightjar

 Turtle Dove

  we also had common Nightjars singing. and a few Turtle Dove perched up. A great evening!
Most of the words above are from Marks Etheridge Facebook page which I lifted.
As I couldn't have put it any better myself.
Thanks to Mark for letting me use his photo of the ground shot and words
 it's getting hot but plenty still to see get out there
and make the news 

No Bins Bird Club

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