Thursday, July 25, 2019

Two-tailed Pasha Butterfly

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Yesterday another revisit to the valley of Montnegre and the Mountains of Maigmo.  With 3 visiting tourists, we set off around 8.30.  All of the group were none birders, who just wanted to see a bit more of our local area and experience with luck some wildlife, some stunning views, and the fantastic rock formations,  in and around Montnegre and Maigmo Mountain areas.

I stuck to the normal routine which has produced the best results.   At the Trumpeter Finch site no sign of any birds, but to be fair we didn't give it any time, maybe 5 minutes, before moving on.  Woodchat  Shrike,  Black-eared Wheatear, Serin. Bee-eaters and many gathering of Swallows,  House Martin, and Red-rumped Swallows were in plenty of areas on the track up mountain.

A possible Mediterranean flycatcher showed, close to Montnegre a few photos to follows. At least 7 Griffon Vultures circled over the mountain face close to the town of Tibi.

And at the top of Maigmo
 Alpine Swifts, Pallid Swift, and a Bonelli's Warbler and a distant large Raptor but the star of today Tour was a Butterfly.  A Two-tailed Pasha or Foxy Emperor.

Two-tailed Pasha

A butterfly in the Nymphalidae, it's the only European species of the genus Charaxes
It was in amazing condition and feeding well on nectar

A lovely morning sightseeing with a sprinkling of great birds and a great butterfly.

Nice company, all wash down with a few groogs of beer in our local pub

Have Fun
Cheers Bryan

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