Saturday, November 16, 2019

No bins bird club reunion

Happy to say the NBBC has been reunited, John, Mark, and myself

Male Black Redstart
And so this morning we followed our normal route around our local area setting out before 8 o'clock and picking up Mark Etheridge on the way.

 Water pipit

 To cut to the quick it was a really quite a good days birding morning. some good number of birds. lots of banter and quite a few laughs about the Rugby, Brexit, Johnson calling Jeremy Corbyn a biblical onanism ( w##ker)
 And some serious chat about climate change and plastic,  its something we can't keep ignoring,  I think it means massive changes for us all.

Little owl
Nothing mega to report bird-wise. Mostly what you would expect to see now the winter birds have arrived.

 we've been trying hard to find a rarity for our area, nothing as yet, but we're going to keep on trying, see the link below of species seen and review of yesterday's birding.
On JE great blog and good source of info

Booted Eagle

Female Black Redstart

Have a good day
cheers BT

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