Sunday, December 01, 2019

El Hondo North Gate

And so Saturday El Hondo north gate at 8.30 we were there Trevor and I.  There was a big attendance of people, maybe because of the return of Tonn.? The Spotted Eagle.
 One thing new at El Hondo is your are not allowed to drive to the hides and must now walk carrying your gear, fortunately, Trevor didn't know this and spread off in the car to the hides.

Stone Chat
  Trevor spent some time looking through the telescope and everything being a bit slow and nothing much happening, we went down to the furthest hide it was crap there as well.  Time was pressing on and and most of visitors starting to make the half hour walk back to there cars.  With only one new bird added to our list a Reed Bunting we returned to the 2nd elevated hide for one last scan and  Trevor and picked out Tonn the Great spotted Eagle.

 it was perched in a palm tree slightly obscured and miles away but nevertheless, it was Tonn 

Have fun
Cheers BT

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