Tuesday, December 03, 2019

Summery of our Birding Week

To sum up 
Trevor Birding Week

It's been a little bit flat birding this week and to be honest we probably expect too much? and set our sights too high,  we've put the time in and worked at it.

Spotted Redshank

  some times I feel like we are going around with our eyes closed compared to other claims. 

Black Redstart

we did see a few good birds?  And, I did manage a few photos

Thank you to all who follow my blog Birding Costa Blanca.
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I really appreciate it.

Water Pipit
A very wet Water Pipit
Missing the two central tail feathers.

Red-knobbed Coot

And so Trevor's Bird list total was 101.
We only birded locally and not out of the area and just the mornings, not so bad, bird 100 was a Blue rock Trush and bird 101 was Red-legged partridge.


Have a great day
Cheers BT

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