Thursday, August 13, 2020

Fly through McDonalds at the Clot

 Just when you thought it couldn't get any better it just did. Just after first light at the Clot, John and I watched in ore the feeding spectacle of Hundreds of Black-headed Gulls, shepherding fish into the corners of the reed bed

With a similar number Little Egret, and some Cattle Egrets. Thrown in the mix at least 12 + Night Heron possible double that number.  Lots of Little Bitten and at least 20+ Squacco Heron, also a few Purple Heron, 1 Great White Egret and 5 Grey Herons.
Herding the shoals of fish into the shallows.
 And the feeding frenzy began.

Black-headed Gulls
It was mad to watch for over an hour, the noise from the Gulls and Herons was deafening.
I've mentioned before that there no shortage of small fish fry,  it's like a fly-through McDonald's with free fish.

Black-headed Gulls

Also there Whiskered Tern,  Kingfisher,  Black-necked Grebe,   Great-crested Grebe, White-headed Duck,  Turtle Doves,  12 Marbled Duck,  Great reed Warbler, Reed Warbler,  Bee-eaters,  some small stuff like Long-tailed Tits, Etc.

Squacco Heron

Above us in the sky, all the usual Hirundines.  Surprised to see good numbers of Sand Martin doing there acrobatics which was good, but fewer numbers of Pallid Swifts,
 Great White Egret
record shot
I've not mentioned every bird seen or heard but there's lots going on at the Clot.
Not a bad list for a quick morning, birding.  And a full set of Heron's under the belt in under 3 hours and back home by 10 o'clock can't be bad.

Purple Heron

 I'm a little concerned that the water level has dropped about a meter and a half maybe more, which will be good for the returning Waders come the Autumn, I just hope this hasn't been one-off flooding of the Clot?

Black-necked Grebe

I didn't get to many photos as light levels we're low and most had some movement blur.  Birds we're jumping around like they were possessed.  I didn't help things, as my decision to take a medium telephoto lens wasn't right.

 Marbled Duck
Totally Bonkers
Have a great day
Cheers BT

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