Friday, August 28, 2020

Very late update of our birding exploits

Hi there everybody hope you're having a good day
I've been a bit slow getting the news out the main reason? some computer problems which have taken time to solve. 
but also I've had a stomach bug which has left me lethargic.
So I am gonna keep my summary brief of what I've been up too.

Maigmo Mountain

Iberian Red Squirrel

Everything you would expect to see with the small birds of Maigmo the highlight of the day was Goshawk and Bonelli's Eagle.

Returning through the Valley of Montnegre, again no sign of Trumpeter Finch,  but we did see this Black eared Wheatear, most summer migrate have moved on.

Black eared Wheatear

The Clot Wetlands
The madness continues, the feeding frenzy continues! day and Night,  4 Purp's still present Night Herons galore, as well loads of little Bitten and some stunning flypast of Kingfishers.
At the Reed Hide loads of Reed Warbler and Great reed Warbler,

Reed Warbler

and at the popular hide, the usual suspect's White-headed Duck and Marbled Duck. Surprise of the day was a Moustached Warbler who put in an appearance with prolonged close views which made a fitting end to our day.

Moustached Warbler

 I've seen Moustached Warbler before at the Clot, but not for a long time. Hopefully, they are now a resident bird for the Clot now the water level are higher, I'll be keeping a watch full eye to confirm it?

Moustached Warbler

Moustached Warbler

Have a great day

Marbled Duck

For a more in-depth review of our birding exploits
See John Edward excellent blog
Link below

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