Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Possible Western Reef Heron El Clot

Good Evening
Its late
I just wanted to get the news out fast, after much checking with some other Birders and experts
There's a possible Western Reef Heron at the Clot De Galvany see photos

Intermediate Western Reef Herons / Egrets are not easy to ID and it could be a hybrid of little Egret / Western Reef Heron?  And it could all go pear shaped in due course?
The Jury is still in debate over the bird, but just in case you would like to get there and see the bird for yourself 
The bird was still there till 3.30 today from the new hide roosting in the the Tamarisk Tree on the left as you look from the hide.

Great days birding with J and M Edwards  
Plenty more bird to add tomorrow
see John Edwards blog for more details 

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