Wednesday, September 23, 2020

These Feet Were Made for Walking

After walking the complete circuit of the Clot, four and a half miles in my worn-out Crocs.  I couldn't wait for a sit-down,  my feet were killing me I've never been happier to see a wooded bench and a hide.
 Scanning for Night Heron in the roosting Heronry Tree.

Night Heron

 So it wasn't long before I notice Little Egret type flapping its wings,  but the wings were light Grey and not White. I thought straight away of a Western Reef Heron "I said get on this" although partially obscure we all could see the greyness in the wings and body.
We watch and debated for a few hours waiting for it to show on the outside of the Tamarisk Tree, the bird was continually preening. I didn't take my big lens as we were walking and wanted to travel light. big mistake? and so most of the photos are nothing more than record shots due to the distance involved 
And while we waited a Gadwall swam into view, I Lost it trying to point it out to John and Michelle, only to find a Ferruginous Duck in the same area. 


      Ferruginous Duck  


               There's plenty of birds there to keep you occupied a flyover of a Short-toed Eagle, Marsh Harrier quarter the reeds and a Spoonbill circled, checking out the Clot lakes?
  Around the Clot Long Tailed Tits, Spotted Flycatcher, Shoveler, White-headed Duck, Teal, Kingfisher, Iberian Green Woodpecker, Black-necked Grebe, Reed Warbler,

                                             White-headed Duck
   The greyish LE / WRH or Hybrid still didn't show that well and I've sent the photos to the experts we will have to wait what they think


 Spotted Flycatcher

Long Tailed Tit

Have a Great Day
  Cheers BT

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