Saturday, October 10, 2020

No sign of Western Reef Heron

A quick return visit to the Clot, to see?  if the WRH / Hybrid was still around? Plenty of Little Egret around although a bit distant and getting and bothered by a Marsh Harrier which was quartering the reed beds.  I wouldn't be surprised to bump into the WRH Heron it again at some point in time?  Everything is much the same regarding birds seen but in fewer numbers.

Only one Night Heron, a few Squacco Heron, and the same for Little Bitten.  The Purple Herons have gone! The Heron City that was, has now gone.  The big numbers of Great-crested Grebe have dwindled with only a few adults and Juvenile birds left. Black necked Grebes still in good numbers. 

Little Bitten

Still good numbers of Juvenile White-headed Duck with a few Adult birds. Pochard, Shoveler, Teal,  present.  Juvenile Kingfisher rushing around. Heard only Water Rail in several locations.  Swallows and House Martin still going through and some Snipe present

Winter is Coming 

The Marbled Teal has done well this year with a good number from the popular hide and one which is radio / GPS tagged. Water levels at this hide are good.

Water levels continue to drop from the new hide I'd say about say over a meter and a half.  That's a lot of water missing from this big lake, and with no rain forecast for the foreseeable future, it is starting to look a bit swampy.  The feeding frenzy which was a major event has stopped and the millions of numerous small fish fry which were everywhere have seemed to disappeared. Could it be the water quality has changed may be due to the evaporation?

At some point, we'll be back at clot to check it out

I still feel the clot will turn up a good bird 

I think I need to do the Rain Dance

Michelle has a new camera a Nikon P900. So did a quick comparison of a few images I'm using a canon 760d camera and a  canon 600 f4 lens with a 1.4 converter attached can you spot the difference

all image as they come out the cameras 

answer on a post card

The major difference is weight i am carrying around about 12 kilos and the P900 a little over a kilo

No Brainer

Have a great day

Cheers BT

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  1. Dear Bryan, I do hope TV hat the Clot is not allowed to dry out. The. Migrating birds need a safe place to rest and refresh. Love TV HD Little Bitten, looks like he is about to dance. Thanks for all your 8inhtetedt8ng posts. Much appreciated.