Friday, September 25, 2020

Little Egret / Western reef Heron intermediate Egret

About the Western Reef / little Egret / Hybrid

The replies

I think it’s a LE / WRH hybrid, one of quite a few that’s doing the rounds of Spain - mainly the larger wetlands such as Ebro Delta, Donana, Albufera, I even had one at Pego Marsh many years ago.
Hope this helps buddy Jules Sykes,

Hi Bryan,
Very interesting, my first impression is okay, though with the intermediate birds it is difficult. I will look carefully
Stephan Cramer

Hi John! I am glad you had a good morning. To me, it looks like a hybrid of Little Egret and Western Reef Egret. It has characters of both. I think someone might have seen one weeks ago in the Salinas ( BT no mention of where it was seen or which Salinas ) But a Very Nice finding! Best regards
Pau Lucio President of the Association of Bird Guides

 whichever way you want to spin the wheel, it its a very very good bird for the Provence Alicante and more importantly for the El Clot wetlands and with a newly Confirmed location of the Elusive Trumpeters Finch its all looking good for Birding Costs Blanca

And a new bird for the Clot
So glad John and Michelle we're in on it

Hopefully, We're gonna turn up something
special in due course?

Have a great day
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  1. Sounds like some really unusual visitors to the Clot this autumn Bryan. Thanks for the photos. All the best, Vivien