Friday, December 18, 2020

Tonn the Great Spotted Eagle the Search Continues?

Wednesday, the 15th

After studying satellite data for Tonn the Great spotted Eagle, there's an obvious route that Tonn had been frequently using?

And our plan was for us was to get right in the middle of his route,  and to maximize our chances of connecting with Tonn.  We found some new tracks which looks very promising for another time,  and other tracks, where we ended up in the back gardens of houses, we got some bemused looks from the locals as we reversed back out.  And after going in circles for 6 hours in a different location, and for another no show of Tonn,  We'd had enough as the best part of the day had already past


All was not lost though, bird's seemed to be find us throughout the day.  A very confiding Kingfisher played games with us for a while, as we tried to get closer for a photo.  A distant Sparrow Hawk sat in an open field, 2 Temminck's Stint, Little Stints, and Wood Sandpiper we're also seen. Double figures for Booted Eagle, Marsh Harrier and Kestrel, several Blue Throats showed well,  also European Snipe and Grey Wagtail were seen.

Sparrow Hawk? 
Now. After reviewing photo. It's probably. A Merlin x 2
easy to mistake to make in the moment?
Note the double cheek markings.

There was a Mega flock of Serin, very difficult to estimate numbers but it's of mega-size. I've not mentioned every bird seen but today's total was close to 50 species without trying.



Tonn will have to wait for another day

Massive thanks to John and Michelle

See john's blog for more info and a different view of our days birthdays

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Have a great day

Cheers Bryan


  1. Not so sure thát a Sparrowhawk. Keep safe

  2. offering...Merlin. Keep safe and have a good un

  3. I try to ID the photos before looking at the species name and thought Merlin too Paul, but I'm not an expert. Have a great Xmas