Friday, January 08, 2021

Review of the Year 2020


What the year 2020 been? In more ways that one

After a slow start to birding in January, February things started to lookup? Musically I was kept busy performing, but due to Covid, that's now ended.  I was keeping an eye on what was happening in China and Wuhan, little did I realise what was to come?  most of what I wrote then had now come True. 

White-headed Duck

 See my blogs in March link below

March blogs

Great spotted Eagle

In March my Birding buddy Trevor came out for his Spring Birding fix at the time I didn't realize it would be his last visit of the year. And then Covid 19 hit the fan! And after 50 days of isolation, I went birding Saturday 2nd May first morning birding since the beginning of March nice to see a Purple Heron drift by.

May Blogs

And here are some of my favourite birding moments and photos of 2020


El Clot de Galvany which was amazing thought the summer, I renamed it Heron City you could see all the Herons within an hour, it also turned up a Western Reef Heron, and also some new breeding birds,

Little Bitten

Western reef Heron

Black-necked Grebe

It was also amazing for a feeding frenzy which happened every single day in the summer till late autumn.

Trumpeter Finch

Montnegre is high on my list of favourite place to go and find an almost guaranteed site for Trumpeter  Finch which only makes it better, I only wish we could have got to Montnegra earlier in the year, but Covid 19 stopped that?  it's also a great place for Nightjar and Night Sky Photography,


Collared Pratincole

San Felipe was great in the autumn as they drain all the water out and the waders moved in it was only good for a few weeks till the maintenance was completed, but never the less it was good while it lasted. I've also got to mention the flooded fields it a great magnet for birds and easy birding.

Black Redstart


All of this year's birding wouldn't have been possible without my birding mate John Edwards and Michelle, so major thanks to them.

Starling Murmuration 

have a great 2021
Cheers Bryan

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