Friday, February 12, 2021

Good news for El Clot?

Thursday 11th February

As we are confined to barracks during this latest phase of Covid 19 it difficult to make any fresh bird news so it's more or less the same bird sightings for the Clot De Galvany. It was great to meet up with John and Michelle and we had the hide to our selves for most of the time.

All the ducks previous reported are still present but number are at least half that of a week ago maybe some have moved over to the other 2 lakes which we can't view? Good to see the Widgeon Duck are still there in numbers, 6 + plus males and few females scattered around. The fudge Duck is still there but a pain in the ass to find?


 Number of Gadwall have gone up about 40 birds the male are displaying and there's more Red-crested Pochard and the only new addition to the bird list is 2 reed buntings which Michelle found.

At the Reed Hide which has been a major waste of time for years, except if you like looking at reeds? is having a major makeover, (about time) big earth-moving machines are In there. There's reed cutting tree cutting etc going on.

As it happens I got lucky a speak to one of the Wardens ( who could speak really good English ( shame on me and my poco Spanish ) The plan is as I understand, is to make it more like or similar to the popular hide? They plan to dig out the channels to make it much deeper which should stop some of the reed growth as the reeds don't like to be in too much depth of water, some of the raised areas are meant to stay?  So it's mostly good news? And anything that encourages birds is OK with me. I did ask about the other lakes and the water levels, I asked if they had any plans to reflood as the water has dropped by a meter, the warden told me that there are no plans to re-flood and those lakes are a natural occurrence? Even though the warden said this, I have my doubts as the water seamed to come from nowhere and a new hide built and about  20 pairs of Marbled Duck introduced?  So it's likely to return to a marshy type area again, which is a great shame as its been brilliant there, all this summer, we've had no significant rain since the last winter of 2019/ 2020 so I'm hoping that it lashes down before the summer arrives and fills up the lakes, spring is here and summer doesn't feel that far away, going by today's weather it's all ready here.

Black Redstart

I might have to do the rain dance before not too long 
We could do with some of the UK's rain
Please send some
Thanks in advance
Have a great weekend
Cheers BT
Photos later

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