Friday, January 29, 2021

Spot the Duck

For those who are old enough to remember the popular game Spot the Ball, normally on the sports pages in the back of the newspapers, you'd have to mark a cross on the spot where you thought the hidden football was, a bit like pin the tail on the donkey, so this what it like at the Clot De Galvany, Spot the Duck, with hundreds of wintering wildfowl there its no easy job to pick out a rarity in amongst all the other Duck

Spot the Duck

The Widgeon are still around but I could only find 3 today ( there are several other large lakes where the rest could be ) all the other Duck are still present see my previous post,

Ferruginous Duck

Today two new arrivals 2 lovely chestnut-coloured pale-eyed male Ferruginous Duck. I thought that Ferruginous Duck might turn up at the Clot. Fudge Duck always seems to be in close association with Common Pochard and their lots at the Clot. I'm also thinking that a Tufted Duck might turn up at some point. And as we are in lockdown till mid-February I'll be visiting the Clot De Galvany a few times throughout the coming weeks.

Black necked Grebe

Other birds seen today, little Bitten, Water Rail. Kingfisher. And with barmy temperature of 27 degrees today and full sun, spring feels like it's just around the corner White-headed Duck are now showing an all blue bill so they ( The W, H, Duck ) are thinking the same, springs not too far away? But I'll bet we'll get another cold spell at some point

White-headed Duck

Sardinean Warbler

Have fun and a great weekend

Wolf Moon from last night


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