Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Woodlark Central

Today a quick sprint up the motorway and a mornings birding at Maigmo Mountain not surprisingly Woodlarks we're putting on a show, we've now renamed Maigmo Mountain to Woodlark Central, plenty Woodlarks showing off, and many more heard. All the Tits seen with one exception Blue Tit, 3 Rock Bunting showed well at the balcony of Alicante also on the way up a few Tree Creepers.


Other birds seen probable Peregrin Falcon gone too quickly, a pair of Ravens, Blackcaps, Crossbills, Mistle Thrush,

 Rock Bunting

2 Rock Bunting

The birding Moment of the day came in the form of a rather small bird but incredibly stylish Kinglet or Firecrest, The head crest, orange in the male and yellow in the female.

Male Firecrest 

Male Firecrest 

When displayed and during breeding, the orangey crown strip becoming more prominent and wedged-shaped.  This Firecrest looked like a punk rocker with an orange Mohican hairstyle. 

Unfortunately, I didn't get any sharp images of this Firecrest mainly because it was in the shade and flitting around like Lewis Hamilton, so just a few shots but more than good enough to explain what I'm referring to

 Female Firecrest 

Rock Bunting

The other Firecrest's that were around all had the thin crown Strip, so this particular bird must be a breeding male, and the others were females.
Interesting! Gareth spotted Red Squirrel close to the Firecrest.  Red Squirrel are known to rob the eggs of Firecrest?

Sardinian  Warbler

This bird have been coming to my garden for days
Have a Happy Easter don't overdo it
let you know next week what we've been up too


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