Sunday, March 28, 2021

Water levels

I had to cancel our birding travels this week due to other commitments but had a spare hour and went down El Clot.

Bit of a disappointment, most Ducks have gone? With Coot being the predominant species, no Gadwall, Fudge Duck, Widgeon.  A few Marbled Teal, Shoverlers, Red-crested Pochard still there, White-headed Duck numbers are well down as well as Pochard.

 Red-crested Pochard 

Lots of hirundines going over and a few pair up Great-crested, Black-necked, and Little Grebe, and the Male Marsh Harrier.

But the water levels are now good should be enough to see them through the summer?

And yesterday the 4 amigos returned to Montnegra everything very much the same as previous week, not a big species list but there again it's never is,  it's about quality birds, and how they showed-off today

Even before we got to the Finch site they were there waiting and another Oscar-winning performance in their very smart plumage. One Trumpeter Finch was reacting to another bird calling close by and started a courtship dance/ display.  I've never seen this behaviour before almost like break dancing for birds. It was mesmerising 

Trumpeter Finch

Trumpeter Finch

Our next nominee was a Sub Alpine Warbler which gave us the runner round for a while but Gareth managed to be in the right place for the best views.

A Melodious Warbler didn't want to show and was very hard to see, with only a brief glimpse.  We follow some new tracks which looks promising for another time.  Today it turns up a new bird for Gareth and closes eye-level views of a Crossbill.


The next star on the red carpet was Dartford Warbler which gave prolonged views "brilliant" yet again what a show.

Dartford Warbler 

Other birds seen Red-rumped Swallow and a few Blue rock Thrush.

Not a big list but a good mornings birding.

Dartford Warbler 

Have a great day

Cheers Bryan

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