Friday, May 28, 2021


Hi there and good morning everybody

 I've been so busy and I've got lots going on and so, unfortunately, I've not had the time to write my blog as I would like to, so this time to keep the news up to date, I'd like to redirect you to my friend's excellent blog,  for the news, 

it's because of the massive rainstorm over the weekend. This has caused some major problems for me.

Today we did however have the company of CBBC's Malcolm Plamer (A legend)

 who helped us along the way and guided us to through some unknown area's, 

 see the link below for a full rundown of what's was seen.

The link below Notes from a Birder and Writer.

John Edwards

And my photos below

Greater Short-toed Lark

Tawny Pipit

Short-toed Eagle

It's a bit crazy that we've come full circle and our unintentional offshoot off CBBC has evolved and our very small group, the NBBC  (No bins bird club ) are grateful to CBBC for putting like-minded people together.

Have a great fun day

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