Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Yeckla or local Patch thats the Question ?


Well our local patch won

Good morning everybody, and we decide to do our normal route which normally produces a good number of species.

 Great white Egret, Squacco, and Purple Heron, Collared Pratincoles, plus 25 pairs of little Tern under the belt, and all at our first stop. Looks like the majority of migrant waders have now gone through and only the breeding birds are left.

Collared Pratincole

We did however have a Peregrine Falcon On a power pylon, which we watch for some considerable time? But couldn't turn it into anything else.

Collared Pratincole

Today there were several moments throughout our day, the first moment was connecting with Great-spotted Cuckoo, not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5, but probably 6 including the heards, also Common Cuckoo calling for most of the day, all very showy and vocal.

Great-spotted Cuckoo

Great-spotted Cuckoos

Our next prolonged moment was the at least 4 displaying European Rollers, performing all over the place, and aerial, not happy and with the close proximity of nesting Common Kestrels in the same building, it was havoc. But great to watch the aerial combat.

 European Roller

 European Roller

 European Roller


Bee-eaters  we're also very prominent. 

Other bird was seen well

Whiskered Tern may be 70+ birds, lots Common Tern, Audouin's Gull, Mediterranean Gull, thousands of Slender-billed Gulls, and Common Tern, Little Owl. Yellow Wagtails.

Audouin's Gull

We had a look at the historical Carabassi site for Rufous scrub Robin but no luck there it's not the first time I've been there this spring, it's close to my casa, so I visit regularly but no show, I guess it will be claimed there at some point, we did have a good show of long-tailed Tit family Also spotted Flycatcher, Woodchat Shrike.

A rather cute juv  Long-tailed Tit

Lovely weather hot and sunny

Have a great day

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  1. Unas fotos espectaculares, enhorabuena!!! Saludos desde

    1. Hi there German Ibarra zorrilla thank you for your comments birding Costa blanca I like your blog and your photos I am going to put a link of our blog on my blog it would be good if you could do the same for me
      Have a great day
      Cheers Bryan

  2. Por cierto, la última foto es una Lagartija colirroja (Acanthodactylus erythrurus) Un abrazo.