Saturday, October 02, 2021

The Clot

Just a quick update of the Clot

A few hour hours watching the quackers, with Mathew, Mark, Michelle, and John.  Its sounding like something out of the Gospels?  All the usual suspects were there with a few additions like Purple Heron roosted in a distant tree, 3 Night Herons in another roost, also a few Squacco Heron.

Black necked Grebe

Squacco Heron.

A very distant raptor appeared, initially, I thought to Booted Eagle,but then I back off the ID of Booted and the thought, mmm maybe Osprey? I felt sure it would come over the water of the Clot but it drifted on.

Booted Eagle

When I checked the photos on returning home it was a Booted Eagle which answer the question of why the bird didn't come to water?

Marsh Harrier, Kingfishers, Reed Warblers, a Fudge Duck showed very briefly before disappearing.  Mark had seen and photograph it the previous day, it might be a cross / hybrid type, we'll be keeping a lookout for this bird?

Night Herons

Quite a few late Sand Martins some House Martins and plenty of Swallows going through.

Trevor returns to Spain next week it will be good to see him and go birding

and a reunion of the NBBC

make some news

Cheers Bryan 

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