Tuesday, November 02, 2021

Long Day for little Reward

So it was always going to be a longish day for NBBC as we headed off at first light to the surrounding areas around Yecla and the A 31 Road, it was very overcast with black threatening clouds and patchy light rain, and the light was very bad so no chance for photography.

It's not what was forecast and only 13 degrees and the brisk wind which made it feel a lot colder.

On a lighter note, the biscuits we had were just a delight and the slab of chocolate and banana cake at first breakfast would have made Gareth wished he was here?

It was Quiet and not much moving, the odd Meadow Pipit flock and Crested Larks.

 We search the tracks with hardly any reward, so we cut our losses and went to  Yecla.  By the time we arrived the light had improved a little but still cloudy, the moment of the day was almost our last bird seen a Red Kite ( it seems we always leave the best for last ) it drifted in, and not a bad bird for us to find, it was distant at first and disappeared high up, in the clouds only to return a few minutes later very low down by the Lesser Kestrel Barn and then land on the ground briefly.

 Red Kite

Other birds seen Calandra Lark, Sky Lark, Thekla's Lark,  a possible Peregrine Falcon, which I was a bit slow to call it!  Black Wheatear,  Black Redstart. Mistle Thrush, Marsh Harrier, Hoopoe, crap really 

 Red Kite

I was glad the Red Kite showed again as it was just a dot when it first appeared and happy I got the ID correct.

 Red Kite

and when i got home this little beauty was sat on the wall

Black Wheatear

Lots more fun next week

But where next? Where will we go out to play?

If it was easy it wouldn't be fun

Cheers Bryan

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  1. I certainly am missing the cake and days out. Hopefully be able to join you again soon. Lovely red kite. Used to see them daily when living in Wales.