Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Maigmo Mountian

You never know what's these mountains are going to give you, will we be lucky today?


An odd overcast day and high humidity, bird wise lower down nothing much happening 6+ Crossbills was the best of it.


As we began to drive up we picked up Crested, Long tailed, Coal, and Great Tit, also a Short toed Tree Creeper.  Flushed the first of four Rock Bunting's.  A Buzzard circled above us and Trevor pick out a large Swift but lost it?

Crested Tit

Several Bonelli's Warbler we're seen close to the top also lots of Chaffinch, and some bref views of Jay and Mistle Thrush. And at the top an Alpine Swift gilded around for a little while.

At the Balcony of Alicante 2 more Rock Bunting's and a few more Chaffinch coming to a small watering hole could be an interesting place to keep an eye on.

Rock Bunting

Rock Bunting


For me the best thing about today was the shear amount of Butterflies and the different types Brimstone, it looks like they've just hatched absolutely everywhere,  lots of Swallow Tailed, a few Painted Lady,  Fritillary Butterfly, Spanish Gatekeeper, Clouded Yellow, Grayling,

Swallow Tailed

 Painted Lady

So nothing out of the ordinary and the best bit not a bird but the Butterflies

Mediterranean Fritillary 

but where next?

Cheers Bryan.

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  1. Well done. It’s about time we had some great butterflies