Tuesday, June 21, 2022

The Tarmac Road

 3 more trips up and down the Santa Pola lighthouse road, for Trevor and me.  No sign of any Red-necked Nightjars on the Tarmac road,  but at twilight, there were a few moments around the car park of Red-necked nightjar with a few flyovers and a limited photo opportunity. both specie's seen or heard

Red-necked Nightjar 

Red-necked Nightjar 

No sign or any calling of Long-eared Owl from our previous visit?

The moment of the day was an SUV that turn up and lit up the night sky, the car park and the surrounding area, and the loudest music blasted out with deep bass (why)

We gave up,  but not before we jigged about and we left them to Shaggy and Boombastic blasting out music into the cosmos


Oh to be 20 again

Tomorrow another day let you know how it happens

Cheers Bryan 

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