Saturday, June 18, 2022

Santa pola lighthouse Road and more


Trevor and I thought we'd try some late afternoon birding and try to stay out of the heat of the day but it didn't work, as the temperature still hit 40 degrees +.

Trumpeter Finch

Back at Montnegra and the Trumpeter Finch site and in the good afternoon light, plenty of visiting Trumpeter Finch not sure at this moment in time, if there are any new birds.  I've not had a chance to review all the photos, but more or less the same birds visiting the site. There did seem to be more Trumpeters visiting the site today and it came in waves, only 3 juveniles were seen at one time but a lot more adult birds some with rings, but the majority without, so I'm guessing but probably 5 + Adult males  + 3 Juvs it's very difficult to ID individual birds without leg rings and females don't seem to of appear to be showing as yet?

Juv Trumpeter Finch


So we spent a few hours watching and waiting and our plan after that was to find Red-necked Nightjar on the Santa Pola lighthouse road.

We set off around 21.30 after a light supper at my house, to be honest, we could have been in place well before that as the nightjar were already up and flying as we arrive. Both species of nightjar were seen and heard in the twilight and easy. 

 long-eared owl
a very poor photo of a very good bird.

The big surprise of the evening was the calling of long-eared Owls in total probably 4 birds from different areas one photographed in pitch blackness, it is amazing what these cameras can do, a very poor photo of a very good bird.  Also heard Little Owl, Stone Curlew, and a possible very distant Scops Owl.  And despite several trips up and down the full length of the road, there were no nightjars on the Tarmac road. To be honest, there was lots of traffic up and down, maybe it was that, at some point, we will do a night sky at Montnegra.

long-eared Owl from my Archive

Make some news

And have fun, have a great weekend.

Cheers Bryan

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