Thursday, June 16, 2022

More Questions that Answers

And so today we confirm the breeding of Trumpeter Finch at  the Montnegra site yesterday morning only 2 juvenile birds so far,  and the frequent visiting Adult Male with the leg ring ending in 596, pretty sure more juveniles will turn up at some point, over the next few days, I'll let you know how we get on.



As soon as we arrived a Black-eared Wheatear perched up also Spotted Flycatcher. Pavarotti the Blue rock Thrush was giving it stick endlessly. A few Black Wheatear, Melodious Warbler, Nightingale, Red-rumped Swallow,  Barn Swallow, Bee-eater,  a few Swallow-tailed Butterfly.

Black-eared Wheatear
whos a pretty Boy

Black-eared Wheatear starting to show sign of wear

Not bad for a few hours of birding, it's hot and by about 11 o'clock it's all over, too hot for the birds and it all goes quiet. 

Time for home and a cool down.

Incidentally, it is the hottest June in 60 years, god helps us if it carries on in July and August.

Have fun

Cheers Bryan

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